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The Skinny on SLIM

The Skinny on SLIM

SLIM (structures for lossless ion manipulation) is the driving technology behind high-resolution ion mobility separations.

Pioneered by physical chemist Dr. Richard D. Smith, SLIM provides unprecedented capability to efficiently and reproducibly separate biologically relevant molecules.

In all ion mobility technologies, an ion’s migration time is determined by its gas phase size-to-charge ratio. As ions are driven along the separation path, collision with an inert buffer gas slows them down to a degree proportional to their size. The length of the path is crucial to achieving the high degree of separation required to gain adequate resolution of compounds with challenging structural diversity. In most ion mobility separation technologies, that path is straight — limiting its length.

SLIM separation technology is different. SLIM makes ions turn corners, not just travel straight. This enables a single-pass flight path up to 13 meters, providing resolving powers of >250 that can distinguish differences as small as 0.2% in collision cross section (CCS) values.

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