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The Next Generation of Ion Mobility Mass Spectrometry

The MOBIE® platform is shifting the paradigm of what’s possible in analytical characterization, using digital separations to make it simpler, faster, and more efficient to get highly accurate and reproducible data.

MOBIE Product
Superior Resolution
Increased Throughput
Unprecedented Reproducibility
Greater Instrument Uptime
Simplified Workflows
Field Upgradable
Small Footprint
US Patents

Driven by structures for lossless ion manipulation (SLIM) technology, the MOBIE® instrument’s high-resolution ion mobility mass spectrometry platform separates and identifies the most challenging molecules with unprecedented resolution, without compromising speed.

Reveal what others leave unseen. Digitize your separations with workflows that offer superior resolution, rapid and reproducible results, faster method development, and simple method transfer.

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Unraveling the Complexity of Analysis

MOBILion is pioneering separation science, building a platform technology that unravels complex analysis and Reveals What Others Leave Unseen. Driven by SLIM and HRIM, the MOBIE instrument provides deeper, more efficient characterization with unrivaled accuracy for targeted lipidomics, peptide characterization, glycan analysis, PFAS, and many other workflows.

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