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We’re a proud and diverse group of engineers and dreamers that are passionate about advancing science. From our company’s founding, we decided to go against the grain, to find the next solution, and to eclipse the field of separation science that has come before. At MOBILion, we don’t just ask “Why?” – we ask “Why not?”

If you’re tired of the status quo and want to be a part of a disruptive force for science, we’d love to hear from you.

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MOBILion Eye

Why MOBILion?

MOBILion was built to be at the forefront of separation science technology, to lead the industry with stunningly accurate and efficient instrumentation, and to go beyond what’s expected – in everything we do. Our drive for developing breakthrough tech has given the diagnostic, healthcare, food, and environmental safety markets the tools necessary to propel their research forward with faster analyses, higher throughput, enhanced resolution, and unprecedented reproducibility. We’re pioneers. And we’re changing the standard of what’s possible in separation science.

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