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A Single Flexible Platform for High Resolution Lipid Analysis

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A Single Flexible Platform for High Resolution Lipid Analysis



A central challenge in lipidomics is the precise determination of the underlying isobaric and isomeric species comprising lipidomes, driving the field from untargeted experiments to targeted workflows for the analysis of lipids. Such identification is hindered by structural details that cannot be resolved by traditional workflows. Separation, detection, and quantitation of isomeric and isobaric species currently requires lengthy chromatographic methods or other means that often still leave species unresolved. Some established platforms are tailored for specific types of lipidomics studies and cannot be easily modified to explore different lines of inquiry. In this application note, we describe how MOBIE provides a uniquely flexible platform that can be tailored to suit different lipid workflow solutions.

Customer Intro
  • HRIM technology is compatible with both LC- and FIA-based workflows and enables isomer separations with the highest single-pass resolving power available
  • HRIM data is highly reproducible across multiple lipid classes, agnostic of workflow; collisional cross section (CCS) is a robust and reliable measurement
  • Achieve deeper characterization of low abundance species with LC-HRIM-MS when compared to FIA-HRIM-MS
  • ~10x time savings in data acquisition with FIA-HRIM-MS when compared to LC-HRIM-MS to identify the most abundant lipids

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