Characterization of previously unresolved lipids - Vanderbilt University | ASMS 2022

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Characterization of Previously Unresolved Lipids with High-Resolution Ion Mobility Mass Spectrometry


Bailey Rose PhD - Vanderbilt University


Lipids are structurally and functionally diverse biomolecules important in many biological processes. Here, we demonstrate HRIM of total lipid extracts, elucidating features that are unresolved in drift tube IM (DTIM). We then use a subclass-specific calibration method to assign collision cross section (CCS) values towards comprehensive lipid annotation.

Customer Intro
  • When calibrated with HFAP calibrants and subclass-specific correction, TW-SLIMCCS values had an average absolute bias of0.38% when compared to DTCCS values.​
  • The subclass-specific calibration approach provided a straightforward method for CCS calibration of TW-SLIM measurement sand allowed for the curation of a HRIM lipid database.​
  • The low bias and high reproducibility (< 0.5%RSD) observed in this study sets the stage for interlaboratory comparison and standardization for future HRIM database building. ​
  • Complimentary dimensions such as LC and MS/MS will be used toward the full annotation of newly resolved features. ​
  • Complete annotation of these features will improve the structural specificity of CCS databases, as well as the efficacy of predictive approaches based on these databases.

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