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High Throughput Targeted Lipid Analysis of Porcine Ganglioside Extract Using MOBIE

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High Throughput Targeted Lipid Analysis of Porcine Ganglioside Extract Using High-Resolution Ion Mobility-Mass Spectrometry (HRIM-MS)



In this application note, we describe how incorporating high-resolution ion mobility (HRIM) into a 2-minute flow injection analysis-mass spectrometry (FIA-MS) method enables reproducible, high-throughput separation, detection, and quantitation of lipid molecular species without sacrificing speed, sensitivity, or throughput. Adding HRIM to an FIA-MS method enabled the detection of ~3X more high-quality spectral features, highly reproducible quantitation of multiple lipid classes across a large dynamic range, and the separation of targeted lipid species and their isomers with high resolving power. Of note, the FIA-HRIM-MS analysis was able to detect and quantitate species from non-ganglioside lipid classes known to be present in the ganglioside extract, demonstrating broad coverage and sensitivity.

Customer Intro
  • Provides 3x increased detection of high-quality spectral features compared to traditional FIA-MS or other direct infusion MS-based techniques without compromising speed or quality.
  • Enables reproducible, high-resolution separation of multiple lipid classes including targeted gangliosides and their isomers.
  • Achieves high-throughput detection and quantitation of lipid species in complex extracts approaching 3 orders of dynamic range (0.2% - 100%).

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