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Mobility-Aligned Fragmentation in High-Resolution Ion Mobility Mass Spectrometry (HRIM-MS)

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Ashli R. Simone, Leonard Rorrer


Mobility-aligned fragmentation enables high-throughput characterization of complex samples that other fragmentation strategies may not provide. In contrast to other MS2 methodologies that limit data capture (e.g., DDA, SWATH) or are overwhelmed by the complexities (e.g., AIF), MAF matches precursor ions with their respective fragments. This enables characterization of more species in a sample in a systematic and reproducible way. The addition of HRIM adds clarity to the examination of spectra, especially those containing isomers or isobars unresolved in the LC dimension, to provide cleaner, easier-to-interpret fragmentation spectra.

Customer Intro
  • MAF easily correlates temporally separated precursor ions with their respective fragments to reduce data complexity.
  • MAF simplifies high-resolution DIA using common analysis tools and established workflows.
  • MAF improves identifications of isomers with chimeric fragmentation spectra.
  • MAF analyses provide reproducible, data-rich fragmentation that covers the entire mass range in a single experiment.

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