Executive Leadership

Daniel DeBord, PhD

MOBILion Eye

Daniel brings over 15 years of experience in instrumentation development, with a particular focus on ion mobility and mass spectrometry, to his role as Chief Technology Officer. He received his PhD in analytical chemistry in 2012 from Texas A&M University and has since worked in various academic and industrial roles advancing the technology, applications, and commercialization of next generation analytical instrumentation. At MOBILion, Daniel’s primary focus is guiding the R&D team in developing and de-risking technologies for inclusion into future products. He is also responsible for managing MOBILion’s intellectual property portfolio and advises the executive leadership team on scientific and technical strategy. Daniel has been an integral member of the MOBILion team since 2018, contributing to the development and release of MOBILion’s first commercial product, the MOBIE®, as well as numerous in-flight projects that represent the future of SLIM technology.

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