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Kevin Bateman, PhD

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Kevin has 25+ years of pharmaceutical industry experience and expertise focused on bringing new analytical, automation and data science capabilities to drug discovery and development programs.  He was a Scientific Associate Vice President at Merck Research Laboratories in the Preclinical Development Department. His duties included driving scientific strategies and cross-functional objectives to impact the pipeline independent of modality and stage. As PCD’s senior bioanalytical scientist, he was responsible for driving innovation and capability development for vaccines, small molecules, peptides, and proteins across the discovery and development pipeline. He also co-founded the Merck Smart Trials initiative that is working to reshape clinical trials through the use of new technologies for dosing and sample collection. Kevin has published over 95+ peer reviewed papers and patents related to mass spectrometry and drug discovery. He retired from Merck in 2023, and when not sitting on his dock in Nova Scotia, he spends his time sitting on several Scientific Advisory Boards.

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